WEB Applications

Tell about your products/services to people from all over the world. Make the collaborators to be more productive by providing easy access to corporate information data storage. Convenient and platform-independent solution.

Desktop Applications

Use all possibilities of Windows platform on your PC or laptop, work offline/online and implement complex business logic.

Mobile development

Smart phones are everywhere. People nowadays use their mobile devices even more frequently than personal computers. Engage potential customers and get an advantage over competitors by your own iOS, Android or Windows Phone app.

System Integration

“Put this order for vehicle engine into ERP, then make a related record in our CRM system and also write a mail to Mike to support the deal” Too many actions, don’t you think? What if all of them could be replaced by filling a single form? To prevent such inefficiencies, integrate your company systems, make business data consistent and automate routine workflow.

How we do

The company solutions are mainly based on highly scalable and stable Microsoft technologies, such as Azure, Microsoft .NET framework and SQL Server.
Here are the steps of the development process we apply:
Good enough is never enough. Quality is our basic value.
  • Requirements engineering

    Let's be honest, sometimes people run into an issue with the question: "How would you see your project/product/feature?". Basing on experience and requirements analysis, we can suggest several design options and choose the best one together with you.

  • Design and development

    Consists of system architecture design, coding and code review. Also, includes unit and integration testing of system components.

  • Quality Assurance

    Software vulnerabilities and "bugs" can harm business dramatically. Quality assurance (QA) checks conformance of the development process to coding guidelines and project requirements to detect and resolve the issues.

  • Project documentation

    After the project finish, in addition to application source code all appropriate code documentation and user manuals are transferred to the client.

About Us

Arsonit was established in Prague by students and graduates of Czech Technical University, one of the leading technical research universities in Central Europe. Our LEGO team consists of people with passion for development and analysis, which demonstrate reliability and help each other to solve the problems.
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Project Manager
“Inspired by the Dark Side, I make the things to be ready at a given time, budget and scope”
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Business Development
People love Eugene, because he can hear and understand their needs, think strategically and propose a solution, not a product.
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QA Engineer
One of the favorite questions Kate asks herself is: “What happens if..?” With her quality assurance contribution we all can sleep calmly.
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SW Engineer
Guru of WEB applications.
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.NET ninja
We are hiring! Contact us, If you have:
– 2+ years experience in .NET stack and SQL Server 2008+
– Team player skills
– Willingness to study


Have a question or suggestion? Don't hesitate and write to us!